Kuhmo Oy sources its raw material from the forests of Kainuu, which mostly consist of pine. Pine accounts for some 80% of our annual production capacity. We sort the logs for different applications and cut them with circular saw technology. We operate two saw lines, cutting different log sizes. The small log saw line produces most of Kuhmo Oy’s packaging and construction products. The main log line cuts the larger and better-quality logs for the joinery and furniture industry. Largest dimensions are produced for the construction and housing industry.

Our versatile kiln-drying technology allows us to deliver products with specific moisture contents required for different applications. We use four-colour camera grading to sort the timber in two phases during production. The grading criteria has been developed in Kuhmo and specifically for the needs of Kuhmo Oy to ensure consistent quality of our products. We take pride in quick and accurate deliveries. In Finland, our target is to deliver within 24 hours, depending on the delivery size, product specification and delivery location. We operate nationwide and you can find our products from local representatives across Finland. All domestic deliveries to customers and exporting ports are fast and reliable lorry deliveries.