Kuhmo Oy was founded in 1955 and its sawmill operations commenced in 1959.

Founded by people hailing from the Kuhmo region, the company has remained in local ownership ever since despite some changes in ownership. The main owners have represented the company’s operating management throughout its history. This has allowed agile decision-making and successful operations in a quickly changing operating environment.

Kuhmo Oy has always considered social responsibility as an area of high importance. An engine for local business, the company has been a responsible employer and creator of wealth in the regions of Kuhmo and Kainuu, for both private individuals and businesses. During its history, the company has conducted sawmill operations in three locations: Kuhmo, Valtimo and Hyrynsalmi. All sawmill operations have been centralised in Kuhmo since 1986.

Since then, Kuhmo Oy’s annual production capacity has expanded from some 90,000 m3 to 400,000 m3. This is due to an intensive investment programme of more than EUR 100 million, containing two saw lines, completely renewed piece handling technology and kiln-drying. Other important areas of the programme include bioenergy investments for creating heat and electricity from the sawmill by-products and the production of solid biofuel.