Reliable service

Kuhmo Oy is a dynamic, international and independent sawmill company. Our operations are characterised by commitment to quality, individual customer service and the environment.

In the tough northern climate, pine and spruce grow slowly, and the wood is dense and strong. Kuhmo Oy sources the best raw material from the sustainably maintained forests of Kainuu in north-eastern Finland. Wood is a natural renewable material. At the end of its life-cycle it can be burned to produce bioenergy.

You recognise Kuhmo Oy’s sawn timber from the shipping mark URSUS, which is the Latin name for bear. Our even-grained, aesthetically pleasing timber is an ideal material for interior decoration applications as well as joinery and furniture industry. The durability and strength of Kuhmo Oy’s products also make them well suited for demanding structural and load bearing applications and construction products.