All by-products from our operations are utilised fully in appropriate applications.

Our by-products include pulp chip, sawdust, bark and dry chip.

A significant portion of these is used in combined electricity and heat production by Kuhmon Lämpö Oy. The boilers of the company are located in the sawmill area and produce all of the heat energy for the town of Kuhmo and Kuhmo Oy and 70% of the electricity used by the sawmill. Thus, 100% of the heat energy used to power our production comes from renewable sources, and in excess of 70% of the electricity we use is renewable energy.

Other applications for our by-products include the following:

  • Pulp chips are used as a raw material in biorefineries
  • Sawdust is pressed into briquettes, which customers use as fuel or raw material
  • Dry chip, sawdust and bark is also delivered to third parties to fuel their electricity and heat production

Please contact Managing Director Tommi Ruha for more information on by-products.