Procurement principles

Forest owners know that Kuhmo Oy is a well-established, reliable and financially sound partner with strong local ties. Our current annual wood use of more than 800,000 m3 makes us by far the biggest wood user in the Kainuu region. Some 80% of the wood is pine and 20% spruce. We mainly source our wood from the surrounding state forests and private forests in our procurement area in Kainuu and North Karelia. From private owners, we buy wood either at delivered price or take care of the harvesting ourselves.

We harvest timber efficiently, respecting the forest environment. We are committed to forest certification and environmental responsibility. Our contractors use modern harvesting technologies and are experts in precise cutting. Our entire logistics chain comprises local harvesting and transporting companies.

We take great care in efficient harvesting of both the pine and spruce logs as well as small-diameter logs from the stand marked for cutting. We also make use of the pine and spruce spar that is thinner and of lower quality than standard logs, which makes our timber harvesting even more efficient. In addition to price comparisons, forest owners should also pay attention to important cost considerations in terms of timber lengths and diameters. Choosing Kuhmo Oy as a partner, you can get good results in all respects. Do not hesitate to contact our experts for more information, or a quote!